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A New Company That Is Creating Real Estate Builders

Cohen Construction is a young Company that has grown quickly into one of the fastest growing Companies in Florida. It has recently expanded with two new projects. The Company is currently under contract for the renovation of the historic Courtyard Marriott in Winter Park, Florida. Plans include an executive office plus conference and meeting rooms. This will be Cohen’s second project in Winter Park, FL.

Cohen Construction

Cohens Building Co, 14900 Keeling Dr, Deltona Florida (Owned by; Cohen Daniel Norman), holds a Construction Business Information License and five other licenses as well according to the Florida Department of Financial Services. Their BuildZoom rating of 95 ranks them among the top twenty percent of nationwide contractors. They are licensed to do roofing, ground covering, wall and floor coverings, foundation and slab work. The company’s website says they specialize in high quality construction, with a focus on sustainable building. They have received six accreditations from the Florida Department of Financial Services, which is an indication of their success and market trust.

The construction of The Courtyard Marriott marks the beginning of this project. The company promises that the renovation will be the most modern, up to date, environmentally friendly project they have done to date. As part of the agreement, Cohen Construction promises to provide one of the best experiences in hotel operations and the surrounding area. Other projects that are listed on the company’s website include The Biltmore Hotel and Gardens Inn, both in Winter Park, FL and Austin Plaza, both in Downtown Miami. Other projects include projects in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago and Phoenix, among others.

While there is a business information license with the Florida Department of Financial Services, there are no licenses in Florida. The business was formed in 1998 and changes its name to Cohen Construction, LLC in 2021. The reason for changing the name is to separate the business from the owner. The owner is currently Eric Bressler.

The real estate license that the business is seeking is from the Florida Corporation Commission. The corporation commission is responsible for ensuring that all corporations filing with them follow all of the regulations that are set forth. The business has not yet filed its information with the state. It is also a good idea to check with the attorney general’s office in your state to make sure that you will not run into any problems while doing business with a company that does not have a license. Also, if you live in Florida, make sure you check into the licenses for real estate brokers in your area as well.

The company was founded in Palm Beach Gardens, FL in 1966. Eric Bressler, is the founder of the company. According to the Palm Beach Gardens News Journal, Bressler “founded the company with a mission to make building condos in Florida, more environmentally friendly and build custom homes.” Eric Bressler is the President of Cohen Construction Company.

There are many things to like about the Company. They have won several awards including the “Knights in Order” from the Florida Builders Association. They are also a strong competitor in the Palm Beach County, Florida market. The Company has several offices located throughout Palm Beach Gardens as well as Florida, Texas, New York, and North Carolina. They are licensed to do business in almost 50 states.

You should take a look at the company’s website for more information on their projects and history. If you live in Florida and plan on starting a real estate business of your own, you should take a look into Cohen Construction. You may find it to be just what you are looking for. For more information, check out their website. You may be able to get a lot of useful information there.