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A recent survey of ranger guards found

Ranger Guard and Investigations is a Texas-based security company with offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and more. The company was founded by a former senior security executive who worked for 15 years for the Israeli secret service. The company provides a range of security services from gate guards and guard dogs to armed and unarmed guards for special events.

Job satisfaction

A recent survey of ranger guards found that most of them were satisfied with their jobs. Most of them spent more than four days a month in the field, which is more than most other jobs. In addition, rangers were often far from home, and they often had to work 20 days straight in one month. Despite the difficult working conditions, rangers report having a high sense of job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction for ranger guards varied by region, with staff in Eastern China reporting the lowest AIC. The lowest AIC for job satisfaction was related to age, days spent with family, and years of service. On the other hand, higher job satisfaction was associated with more training and higher income. In addition, employees in the Northwest reported the highest sense of danger and perceived level of hardness. The survey also found a negative relationship between age and perceived government support.


With the use of technology, Ranger Guard and Investigations is able to monitor every guard at all times, providing an extra level of protection and safety. For example, when an officer fails to check in, the system can send an alert, so a supervisor can quickly go to the location and take action. Another advantage of using the technology is the ability to upload pictures to a mobile device. This allows law enforcement to apprehend criminals and protect public property.

The company started out in 2009 as a small business and has grown into a major company in the Southwest and Texas. Its founder, David Catran, is a former vice-consul for the foreign ministry and developed the security model.


The Ranger Guard offers flexible hours and paid time off. Benefits include floating holidays, sick and personal days, and floating vacation days. This job provides opportunities for personal and professional development. In addition, the company offers career advancement programs and tips to assist employees in the job search. Its management team encourages flexibility and personal development.

The 75th Ranger Regiment is an elite force that can perform complex joint special operations missions. It is the Army’s premier direct-action raid force and is capable of both regimental and airborne operations. It is staffed and resourced to maintain exceptional proficiency. Its members undergo rigorous selection and training to ensure their fitness for Ranger guard duties.

Relationships with clients

Ranger Guard and Investigations offers complete security services to clients in the state of Texas. Its focus is on building long-lasting relationships with its clients. Its security professionals are screened to the highest standards and are compliant with state regulations. These individuals also undergo a thorough pre-employment background investigation. These factors make Ranger Guard and Investigations stand out from the crowd.

Ranger Guard was founded in 2009 as a small security business. Today, it has grown into a major business in Texas and the Southwest. The founder, David Catran, is a former vice-consul for the security department at the British Foreign Ministry. He developed a model for security services that helps protect clients.