Kenya National Debate Council (KNDC) is a non-profit organization founded in November 2010 by a group of young people drawn from different universities and other interested groups to revitalize intellectual and scholarly debates among the youth especially those in educational institutions.

KNDC brings together all debating clubs and associations in learning institutions. It oversees debate competitions, offer trainings and acts as a link between these clubs and other international debate organizations. In order for KNDC to achieve its goals and objectives, it engages in various events which include debate training and competitions, public speaking training and contests, and community service among other activities.

  • Why Choose Us?

    We aspire to reclaim and restore our nation Kenya, and in collaboration with networks across Africa, champion for the realization of sound governance in the continent through Debates.

  • Vision

    Strive to build well equipped, informed, articulate and ethical debaters across the country and beyond.

  • Mission

    To strengthen the capacities of young people in promoting good governance through active engagement and participation in political, economic and social processes that are solution seeking through well organized debates.


Pre-independence Kenya was marked by widespread atrocities on human life between the colonialists and the natives Mau Mau. By 1956, the Mau Mau rising was suppressed. During three meetings in 1960, 1962 and 1963 at the Lancaster House initiated structured engagements by some of Kenya’s great debaters that realized the end of 70 years of colonial rule and ushered in a new era of self rule.

Post-independence Kenya saw a decline in constructive debate as Kenya slipped into dictatorial tendencies in governance resulting in suppression of divergent opinion. The 1990s however witnessed the rebirth of constructive debates as a tool of engagements.

This set Kenya on a different course, characterized with highs and lows, and the biggest success yet the realization of the Kenya New Constitution – August 2010. This set out to correct various social, political, economic evils witnessed in Kenya dating back to independence.

The environment in the country however spells doom in the realization of the full benefits of the New Kenya Constitution – August 2010. The citizenry is divided majorly along tribal lines and political affiliations. The spirit of nationhood has drastically been eroded. Leadership is considered a preserve of the political class. “Constructive Debate” which almost singularly shaped the country Kenya, is the one item that has almost become a last option.


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The organization is managed by a competent Executive Committee comprising of men and women of integrity drawn from various institutions. The members of the committee are debate experts; trainers, coaches, judges and debaters.

KNDC is now engaging different existing debating clubs and establishment of new ones in the universities and colleges that do not have. This engagement has to do with introduction to modern debate; formats, writing of arguments and case building, research and team roles. So far trainings have been carried in 10 universities and colleges. The council continues to train more students in various educational institutions and other people interested in debate.


enhance debating and intellectual growth
liaise with debating clubs and other organization that promote debating activities
promote critical thinking and creative ways of solving social issues
encourage critical thinking, personal expression, and tolerance for different opinions