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Dementia Care – A Review

There are many places to find care for a loved one with dementia. The following is a review of a number of different facilities. It also includes information about Dr Martin Kennedy, Dr Kirsty Beilharz, and Mark Buhagiar. We hope you find it useful. If you do, please share your feedback with us. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Dementia is a condition that affects many people. It is important that family and friends understand the options available to them.

HammondCare Miranda

The first aged care home for dementia residents in Melbourne will be called HammondCare Miranda, and it will open in January 2013. The 92-place facility has been designed to offer an advanced dementia environment and a home-like setting for residents. This innovative facility will be able to meet the demands of residents in the surrounding area. The home will have a zig-zag facade and be equipped with a lift and front porch.

Dr Martin Kennedy

As a staff specialist in Palliative and Elderly Care at Dementia Care Sydney, Dr Martin Kennedy has extensive experience in the field of palliative and rehabilitation medicine. He has worked in both public and private acute care facilities throughout Sydney, and has an abiding passion for the care of patients. He enjoys travelling and spending time with his patients. Dr. Martin Kennedy is also a frequent presenter at national and international conferences on the subject of palliative care.

Dr Kirsty Beilharz

Dr Kirsty Beilharz is an author, composer and researcher. She has completed her PhD in music therapy with the University of Notre Dame Institute for Ethics & Society. Before coming to Dementia Care Sydney, she was a research professional with the Kolling Institute for Research. She is currently Director of the Institute’s Integrative Studies Program. In her free time, she enjoys writing, performing and composing for older people.

Mark Buhagiar

As a leading expert in dementia care and the first physiotherapist to work in this field, Mark Buhagiar is a unique combination of experience and expertise. His role is to train and mentor physiotherapy students, and to design and coordinate rehabilitation placements for overseas trained physiotherapists seeking recognition in Australia. In addition to his professional roles at Dementia Care Sydney, Mark Buhagiar is also an Adjunct Supervisor at Macquarie University.

Professor Meera Agar

A/Prof Meera Agar is a professor of palliative medicine at the University of Technology Sydney and a practicing physician in South West Sydney. She is particularly interested in the supportive care needs of people with life-limiting illnesses. She also leads a large clinical research program at the University of Technology Sydney. Recent research projects include the first clinical trial of antipsychotics for delirium and the trial of medicinal cannabis for the terminally ill.

Dr Philip Siddall

During his time at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Phil developed a passion for the bagpipes and continued to play with the Scots Old Boys. He is also involved in the annual ANZAC Day march in Sydney. He was awarded the Distinguished Member Award by the Australian Pain Society. In addition to his dedication to his profession, Siddall also focuses on education and research.