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How a Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help Surviving Loved Ones

The death of a family member is a traumatizing event that can have far-reaching financial implications. If someone dies due to another person’s negligent behavior, a wrongful death lawyer can help their surviving loved ones recover compensation. The legal process can be complex and balancing emotional issues with legal pragmatism requires skilled representation from an experienced Los Angeles wrongful death attorney. While no amount of money can bring a deceased family member back, a significant settlement or verdict could help ease the strain on the family’s finances.

Wrongful death cases involve allegations that the victim would have lived a longer, more fulfilling life had they not been killed by a negligent party. This could include a car accident where the driver was distracted, speeding, or intoxicated. A wrongful death claim might also be filed against a medical facility or doctor who failed to diagnose an illness or mistreated a patient. The negligence of a public entity or government employee may be grounds for a lawsuit against the municipality where the accident occurred.

Typically, the most common damages awarded in a wrongful death case are economic. This includes expenses like funeral costs, loss of companionship and support, and other monetary losses. A wrongful death claim could also seek non-economic damages, including pain and suffering. This award is based on various factors, such as the victim’s life expectancy, their lifestyle, and how much they suffered prior to their death.

A wrongful death attorney will review all the evidence in the case and determine which damages should be requested. Then, they will negotiate with the insurance company to get them to offer a fair settlement. If negotiations fail, the attorney can file a lawsuit in court. In the trial, a judge or jury will evaluate the evidence and determine if liability is established. The jury will then decide the appropriate amount of damages.

The right wrongful death lawyer can make all the difference in winning a case. Mike Rafi has a long track record of helping grieving families recover the maximum compensation possible. He works tirelessly to ensure the guilty parties are held accountable for their actions and that a similar tragedy does not happen again.

When you’re ready to find the right wrongful death lawyer, begin your search online by typing “wrongful death lawyers near me” into a search engine. This will generate a list of local attorneys with experience handling wrongful death cases. Review the law firms’ websites, and then contact a few for more information. The most qualified attorneys will be those who have successfully helped other clients in a similar situation as you. They can explain the details of your case and answer any questions you have.