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How to Use the Device Fingerprinting API

Device fingerprinting is a method of detecting malicious activity. It is not a form of authentication and should not be relied upon solely. However, it can be a useful tool to identify users across devices. With this service, a website or application can initiate the request for device fingerprinting before a transaction occurs. By integrating with the GlobalCollect service, you can detect fraudulent behavior and block transactions based on the results.

This service is available for all card payment products. It is also integrated with MyCheckout hosted payment pages. In order to use this service, your site or application must first enable the feature and set up JavaScript script code on the webpage. Once the script is set up, it only runs when the user clicks on the submit button. A device fingerprinting value will be assigned to the consumer’s device.

In addition, it can be used to protect your site from fraud. As an alternative to cookies, this system can track visitors’ devices and allow you to detect fraud without relying on their location. You can also communicate device fingerprints to your reputation management partners.

For more information, read the API Reference. Additionally, you can download a sample SDK that demonstrates how to use the API. If you are interested in using Device Fingerprinting in your mobile app, visit the iovation website for resources. iovation offers a comprehensive suite of resources on authentication and content authenticity.

For example, you can identify customers who have logged into your site with VPNs or proxies. You can also identify locations. The iovation Service Platform can help you to identify devices on a mobile app, as well as to identify the device fingerprinting API user and their browser. Moreover, you can analyze the data for deeper insights.

To make the best of device fingerprinting, you need to make sure that your site or application has an SSL certificate. This is because the system requires that you include an html property on the checkout page to indicate that you are collecting device fingerprints. In this way, you can avoid blocking users’ ability to access your website. Moreover, you can implement additional security measures such as privacy software to block tracking.

In order to use the device fingerprinting API, you need to implement a large number of parameters. For example, you need to provide the ID of the device to be fingerprinted. This data is then gathered and evaluated by the service. It can then be sent to Bazaarvoice for authentication. Using a plugin or JavaScript, you can gather additional information about the visitor’s device, such as font, language and the operating system.

Moreover, there is a multi-layered AI algorithm that evaluates the millions of patterns that occur in order to recognize duplicate accounts and high risk activity. It also checks for IP spoofing. Ultimately, you can use this service to prevent account takeovers. While there are standard types of fingerprints provided, you can create your own custom fingerprint types.