Rose Ndichu
Rose Ndichu is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She is a founding member of the Kenya National Debate Council and the Council’s Executive Director. Ms. Ndichu is a debate trainer and judge. She has trained various universities and High Schools in the British Parliament and Worlds models of debating and has participated as a judge in various inter-university championships. Rose is passionate about debate and the exchange of new ideas, which skills she believes will place Africa among the leading continents. Quote "I love argument, I love debate. I don't expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that's not their job." - Margaret Thatcher
Scarlet Chebet Chemarum

Scarlet Chebet Chemarum is currently the Communication Director at KNDC. A graduate of Mass communication with a major in Public relations from Uganda Christian University, she has expert experience in journalism and communication having worked with Daily Monitor Uganda, a subsidiary of the Nation Group as a reporter and writer. She is proficient in photography and management, a writer, and an avid enthusiast of literature. She joined KNDC as a debate trainer/ judge being proficient with the Mjadala Kenya Format of Debate with a deep passion for Public speaking and poetry.

Sharon Etemesi
Ms ETEMESI SHARON, 21 years. My debate and public speaking journey began back in 2010 in Kaimosi Girls High School and has been one of continuous growth and exposure till date. I first participated in a debate tournament in form two at high school level and won twice as the best female speaker in western Kenya. I immediately, after high school, started training in structured debate courtesy of Kenya National Debate Council. I have then debated, adjudicated, trained and co-organized national debate tournaments at university and high school levels.................................... READ MORE
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Ruth Muthoni
Finance Director


Joy Tabitha
Board Chair
Tabitha Joy Raore is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya currently practicing as a litigator for one of the top commercial law firms in the Country. Her introduction to KNDC was in the 2012 Amnesty Human Rights Debate where she participated as an adjudicator and was awarded the Best Female Adjudicator Award. She is a seasoned debator and judge having had much practice with the BP Style of debating at the University of Southampton’s Debating Society during. Joy has contributed to KNDC as an adjudicator, training director and currently Board Chair. She has also been responsible for some of KNDC’s treasured partnerships including Anjarwalla & Khanna Sponsorship and the E-Summit Global Programme. She is passionate about debate, particularly the use of debate to foster good citizenship and civic participation. She is a firm believer of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s statement that one should not raise their voice but seek to improve their argument!!!
Bryna Teli
Board Member

Bryna Teli is a KNDC certified judge. She joined KNDC as a member of the Executive and has since judged two tournaments as an adjudicator and as a deputy chief adjudicator. She has a vast experience in Debate having been a debater and transitioned to a judge thereafter, she is well experienced in debate training. When she is not debating she is debating.


Hesbone Mburu Ndung'u
Duncan Kipngeno Kirui
Josiah Adiema Adiema
Rose Ndichu