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Rum Tasting at the Weiss Distillery

The Weiss distillery recently rebranded its tasting room as a “grown-up winter wonderland.” On November 25, they posted a picture of themselves posing in front of their newly painted logo and announced that they are expanding their hours and will be offering absinthe in the future. They also have plans to launch a food program and offer event space and booth reservations. Their new location in Clawson, Michigan, opened earlier this year.

For now, the tasting room is a small, collaborative operation. Its team members are devoted to serving customers, and they are committed to making this place a destination in Clawson and the surrounding area. Currently, the company offers more than twenty-five cocktails, and plans to expand their menu soon. They also source ingredients from Michigan. Aside from their spirits, they have a wide variety of snacks, and even some sustainably sourced caviar.

Recently, the team teased the public about a Valentine’s Day cocktail menu. They will be offering a free glass of rum for everyone who comes to the tasting room during the week of February 12. You can expect a variety of flavors, and the staff is looking forward to sharing the deliciousness of their rum with¬†weiss distillery rum the community.

In addition to rum, the tasting room will also be offering gin, vodka, and mixers. This is a fairly unique concept, and it shows how dedicated the Weiss team is to providing great drinks. They are a family owned business that was founded in the mountains of Slovakia, and they are a proud immigrant community. As a result, they value honesty and integrity. Whether they are making their own rum, or supporting local businesses, the Weiss team is committed to fostering a strong community atmosphere.

At the end of the day, the Weiss team shows genuine affection for the Clawson community. Several of the people who work there post selfies at work, and they are active on social media.