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Seattle Medical Negligence Lawyer Moseley Collins Helps Injury Victims Obtain Answers & Justice

Seattle Medical Negligence Lawyer Moseley Collins Helps Injury Victims Obtain Answers & Justice

Dealing with a medical malpractice injury can be devastating. The loss of income, medical bills and pain & suffering can make it difficult to cope. Our Shoreline medical malpractice attorneys combine compassionate guidance and fierce representation to help victims get the answers, justice and compensation they deserve.

Medical Malpractice is an act by a health care professional that violates acceptable standards of medical practice and causes harm to the patient. A successful claim against healthcare providers for negligence in the provision of health services can result in financial compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, future care costs, loss of life enjoyment, loss of consortium and wrongful death damages in fatal cases.

Many different types of Seattle Medical Negligence Lawyer Moseley Collins errors can qualify as malpractice. A few examples include surgical errors, birth injuries, lab tests mistakes, medication errors, and emergency room misdiagnoses. To win a case against a healthcare provider for medical malpractice, there must be proof that the health care professional breached his or her duty to patients and that this breach directly led to a patient’s injury and losses. In order to prove these elements, expert testimony and thorough investigations are needed.

A Seattle medical malpractice lawyer can analyze all the evidence to determine whether a doctor failed to follow accepted standards of care and caused a patient harm. A medical malpractice claim can also include delayed treatment cases where patients suffer from serious complications due to the delay in receiving necessary healthcare services. Choosing an accomplished medical malpractice attorney can maximize your chances of success in filing a claim for financial recovery.

In addition to the above, it is critical to file a claim within the statute of limitations imposed by Washington state law. This law mandates that victims typically have three years from the date of negligent harm or one year after discovering an egregious healthcare mistake to initiate a legal claim or risk forfeiting their rights. Hiring an experienced Seattle medical malpractice attorney immediately after you suspect healthcare negligence will ensure that your claim gets off the ground as soon as possible to protect your legal rights.

The experienced Kirkland & Everett medical malpractice attorneys at Moseley Collins Law have an accomplished record of obtaining monetary compensation for clients who were harmed by healthcare providers’ failure to meet their duties to patients. Contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss your situation and evaluate your claim. We will never charge a fee unless we win a financial settlement or verdict on your behalf. We are available 24/7 to take your call. We also have Spanish speaking advocates available. We represent clients throughout the entire State of Washington.