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Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Commercial Hood Cleaning Company

If you’re considering hiring a commercial hood cleaning company, there are some things you should keep in mind. You should know that NFPA 96 requires regular hood cleanings. Proper commercial hood cleanings can help prevent flare-ups from cooking appliances. You should also consider the cost of commercial hood cleaning.

NFPA 96 requirements for commercial hood cleaning

NFPA 96 is the national code of safety for commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning. This standard was created to reduce the risk of fire, grease, and other hazards by regulating kitchen ventilation. Properly maintained commercial kitchen exhaust hoods keep the entire facility safe, and they also help to reduce personal liability. Proper hood cleaning and maintenance should be performed by a professional.

Ductwork prevents grease laden hood filters

Proper grease filtering is crucial for safe Commercial Hood Cleaning cooking. The right grease filter will protect your cooking area and your ductwork from flammable grease vapors. A grease filter is typically made of heavy commercial aluminum and has a special design that prevents flames from penetrating the grease hood filter and the ductwork.

Cost of commercial hood cleaning

The cost of commercial hood cleaning depends on a few different factors. One is the condition of the equipment. Clean, well-maintained equipment is less likely to need frequent cleaning. On the other hand, equipment that is in rough shape will require more work. The amount of grease a kitchen produces also affects the price. The more grease, the more the cleaning will cost.

Baffles prevent flare ups from cooking appliances

Baffles are a great option for preventing flare-ups from cooking appliances. They prevent flame-ups from reaching 18 inches and can filter embers and grease from cooking surfaces. While it may seem counterintuitive to use a grill hood with a filter, a grease-laden hood can create as much of a fire risk as a grease-filled kitchen exhaust system. Using a hood with an exhaust fan connected to ductwork can help keep flare-ups down.

Cleaning ductwork with steam cleaners

Cleaning the ductwork of your business is a critical part of maintaining the air quality in your building. If your air ducts aren’t kept clean, the contaminants and allergens that circulate through them can have negative effects on your health. In fact, air ducts are a major contributor to indoor air pollution, with the EPA listing indoor air quality as one of the top five health threats in the US. With a steam cleaner, you can eliminate the dust and pollutants from your air ducts and help keep everyone in your building healthy.

Schedule in advance

To avoid excessive grease buildup, it is best to schedule commercial hood cleanings in advance. Depending on the type of kitchen, these cleanings can be scheduled every 30 days or more frequently. For restaurants that are open 24 hours a day, they should schedule cleanings at least every six months. Meanwhile, cafeterias with limited hours may only require cleaning every three months.