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Our Programs have been designed to take into account and fit within the needs of our target groups. Their design assume two approaches which have proved effective in resource utilization of time, human, financial and material, but achieving desired output in meeting our goals and objectives.

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Capacity building for individuals in institutions is a continuous process that is undertaken and sustained by our able team of staff and volunteers.

In learning institutions, our Trainings are continually conducted by our staff and volunteers. At the community level, trainings are first conducted for community leaders who then become empowered to become trainers of trainees. KNDC then conducts follow-up for monitoring on progress. We conduct Training on:

  • Debate
  • Public Speaking
  • Essay and Speech Writing
  • Peace, Conflict Negotiation / Resolution

We also offer corporate packages on the above items for Institutions and organisations for team building and personal development.
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After a series of trainings, we give the trainees an opportunity to perfect the skills gained. The main platform used is Debate between parties involved. Each series of training is accompanied by an event with that regard. It is through these events that trainees get the feel of what it is like to engage constructively in matters governance. These prepare them for the task at hand; reclaiming our country. Events include:

Scholars Festival (SF)

Scholars Festival is an initiative of KNDC that commenced in 2012 as an Intervarsity Debate Championship but has since grown to include other aspects of scholarly engagement beyond the art of Debate. Today, Scholars Festival has grown to an annual inter-institutional scholarly platform where students from Tertiary Level institutions get to engage through:

  • The Art Debate
  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • Quiz Challenge
  • Poetry and Essay Writing

Intervarsity Law Challenge (ILC)

The Intervarsity Law Challenge (ILC) is an annual tournament organised in partnership with Nairobi Law Institute. The inaugural tournament, was the first of its kind in Kenya, and took place in February 2016.  It targets law students from accredited law schools who get an opportunity to interact and test their mettle amongst their law peers. Beyond the championship, students receive mentorship and internship opportunities from firms and prominent personalities in the legal field.

ILC employs the use of the Mjadala Debate Format (MKF) conceived by Josiah Adiema Adiema as a Kenyan oriented debating style.

Human Rights Challenge

The Human Rights Challenge was initiated in 2012 as a Human Rights Debate Championship in partnership with Amnesty International Kenya. However in 2014, it was expanded to include other forms of scholarly engagement within the same Human Rights theme together with other partners.

High School Debates

Our first High school debate engagement was in partnership with Amnesty International in 2012 where we carried out a human rights tournament with 10 high schools under the theme Sanitation.

Today we have rolled out high school programmes such as mentorship and training in debate and public speaking to a number of schools. We expect to expand this with a national Debate championship- High School Edition in 2017.

Community Debates

We run community debates for advocacy, sensitisation and empowerment. Some of the debates we have done on this podium include peace debates in Nakuru with Work Force Development Global Alliance (WDGA).

Debate Camps

Our first debate camp stated as a team building event for members of KNDC and token of appreciation for winners of the scholars festival. It is now an annual event that includes mentees from our high school programmes alongside students from various institutions country wide.

The camp caters for trainings in debate, public speaking, conservation, Governance supplemented with other fun activities such as game drives, site seeing among other outdoor activities.

More Events we expect to initiate include:

  • Insurance Debates
  • Youth for Agriculture Debate
  • Environmental Conservation Debates
  • SDG Debates
  • Arms Control Debates



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